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Viable Place To Have an Awesome Track Racing Experience

Are you willing to bring to life your exotic and off road car experiences with the fastest and longest race tracks of Las Vegas. The moment you will arrive at the SPEEDVEGAS you will have to experience a thrill like you have never felt before with world class luxurious vehicles of the exotic car racing. Even if you have never at any time driven on a fast race track, the SPEEDVEGAS will make it feel so natural the moment you start driving. More to that, SPEEDVEGAS is the award winning race track that will give you an experience and well designed by professionals from the ground specifically to make you have an awesome time of your life when racing. Read more now on this article and understand what Las Vegas driving experiences feel like the SPEEDVEGAS is a world class facility located in Las Vegas and offers supercars where you drive on real 1.5 miles race track and there are no cones in the parking lot. For a thrill experience, you will surrender to a 2,650’ speed straight from 1,000’ and this will give you a jaw dropping thrill. For more of the available cars click and view here!

If you are in Vegas and you are looking for a place where you can speed race and have a thrill of a lifetime, click on this link to learn more. It is located just 10 minutes drive from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. In addition, you can get free transportation from most of the resorts in the city and this will save you hours lost in traffic so that you can have ample time to race and enjoy and have fun. You will experience an incredible vehicle handling and gripping experience with 12 chicanes and turns.

You will be able to dive to corners with 20 degrees and remember there are no cones in the parking lot. You have the advantage to choose the type of car you will want to race from Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and Lamborghini and many more. Foe safety measures lest assured that all areas are covered since the track was designed by race track experts and this is one place which is built and can exceed the FIA 2nd level standard. To Understand more on this site of SPEEDVEGAS click here for more and see when you can book on these events as well as for corporate events in Las Vegas. See more information here:

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